General terms and conditions of renting

  1. The customer takes the responsibility for the rented equipment.
  2. The equipment is not insured. By means of a regulating agreement and by paying an additional 10% of the rental price, the risk of breakage of the equipment passes entirely to the owner and 80% in case of theft.
  3. In case of total breakage of the rented equipment without regulating agreement, the equipment must be refunded by the customer to the extent of 50% of the list price submitted by the manufacturer.
  4. In case of theft, the customer must report to the competent local authorities.
  5. In case of theft, the rented equipment must be refunded by the customer to the extent of 20% of the list price submitted by the manufacture, if you have pay the insurance .
  6. In case of partial damage of the equipment without regulation agreement, the repair expenses will be charged to the customer according to the valid price list for repairs.
  7. It is also possible to substitute the equipment with gear of another category having a different price. In case a higher category is chosen, the price difference will be charged. There will be no refund for changes to a lower category.
  8. The rented equipment must be paid including the day of restitution, if returned after 9.00 a.m.
  9. The advance cancellation of the rental contract is possible by returning the equipment without claims for refund by the customer. Refunds are granted only in the event of illness and/or injuries proven by a valid health certificate.
  10. The regulation of the binding is regulated how you desired and the ISO NORM 11088